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Come On, Dave. Which Is The Best Sales Training Company?

That’s a question I’ve been asked again and again, by journalists, CSOs, training company CEOs, CLOs, consultants and our clients, when they first engage with us.Come on Dave, which is the best sales training company?

When I tell them that’s not a question I can easily answer, they may think I’m trying to sell them something.  Well, in essence, I am. I’m trying to sell them on the idea that one size does not fit all when it comes to sales training companies.

If they press me for an answer, I need to get a bit consultative. So I take a deep breath and…

“I first need you to tell me just a bit about the company looking for that training vendor:

  • What do they sell?
  • How do they sell it?
  • Why do they win?
  • Why do they lose?
  • How long is their sales cycle?  Is it a complex or transactional sale?
  • What resources are required to support a rep?
  • How do their buyers buy?
  • Who are their competitors?
  • Where percent of market share do they own?
  • How well is the sales team performing?  What percentage of sales reps are at or above quota?
  • What processes and tools do they currently have in place? How often are those updated?
  • What geographic territories do they cover? In what languages? With what local cultural requirements?
  • How is the company structured?
  • Describe their sales channels
  • How well do the first line managers manage? Do they coach effectively?
  • How well is sales integrated with other functions within the company especially marketing?
  • What is their propensity to change?
  • Are the corporate leaders ready for a business transformation?
  • Which vendors have already been engaged with this company?
  • What learning mechanisms and tools are in place?
  • How similar or different are individuals in the sales team with respect to experience, skill, effectiveness, business savvy, etc.?
  • What special skills, if any, are required for sales effectiveness?
  • What are the company’s annual revenues?
  • How much are they willing to invest in a sales effectiveness initiative?
  • What technology, if any, is currently supporting the sales function?
  • Are they thinking about training strategically or tactically?”

Do you get my point?  No single sales performance improvement provider is right for every company’s requirements, so you’ve got to know the requirements first.

There are too many companies looking for training still don’t take the time to ask these questions of themselves.

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