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Springsteen LIVE!

I’m in my hotel room in Dublin, Ireland.  It’s Sunday evening.  Tomorrow morning I’m with a group of sales executives as part of the Dublin Institute of Technology’s International Selling Programme sponsored (in part) by Enterprise Ireland.  I’ve got two days here in Dublin, then off to Cork.  Then back to Dublin next week.

I arrived this morning on the redeye from Boston.  Landed 5:30 AM local time.  Taxied to the hotel.  Did a little work.  Napped for a while.  Took a long walk, trying to beat the jetlag.  Back to my room to read for a while.

So I go downstairs around 6:00 PM to grab some dinner and the streets are jammed.  Gridlock on the sidewalks in on the streets.  What’s going on, I ask.  !SPRINGSTEEN! 

No place to eat.  Every place is packed, so I head in the other direction.  Far.

I just got back to my room.  It turns out the concert is a few blocks away and my room on the 7th floor faces in that direction.  It’s loud.  Very loud.  I’m not a Springsteen fan.  I love my favorite artists from all genres. Just not Bruce.

I’m counting on getting some sleep tonight—part of my prevent jetlag routine, but I think that’s going to be a challenge.  This hotel is booked, and I would guess that everyone except me is at the concert. 

I expect that the partying will go on well into the morning.  I’ll put my earplugs in and hope for some sleep.


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