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One of the interesting things I get to do as part of my job is to interview smart business people with new approaches to sales effectiveness. One such person is Mark Morris, founder and president of My-Pipeline, an out-sourced relationship development firm.

Mark owned, built, then sold a successful ad agency. In 2001 he started My-Pipeline.

Here is the value statement from My Pipeline’s website: 

Your pipeline to more reliable and profitable sales growth with less risk

Does your sales team sell products or services to other businesses, confront long sales cycles, communicate complex value propositions, and seek high value customer relationships?

We work with business leaders like you who recognize the value of a permanent, disciplined new business development solution that coalesces people, processes, infrastructure and strategies to confidently achieve more reliable and profitable sales growth with less risk.

Having spoken with Mark a number of times and having interviewed one of his customers, I’m convinced he delivers on what he promises. (Disclosure: this blog entry is not a recommendation for his services. ESR may or may not decide to perform its full evaluation of My-Pipeline in the future. This blog post is merely educational. Neither I nor my company have received any compensation or promise thereof from My-Pipeline.)

A month ago, Mark and I agreed that he would perform his typical due diligence on me and then, during a subsequent phone call, present a proposal to me as he would with a targeted prospect for My-Pipeline. It was very compelling.  (My firm, ESR, is not a fit for My-Pipeline’s services—our price point is way too low. We both knew that up front.)

My-Pipeline’s employs relationship directors that initiate long term relationships with the decision makers who represent every one of a client’s “best prospects.” They build their client’s brand and introduce all that the client can do for their end customer.

My-Pipeline’s dedicated relationship directors remain engaged with their client’s customers over time and work hard to be the first to know whenever any one of them contemplates investing in what their client has to sell. When that occurs, they introduce a knowledge expert from their client’s sales team.

The relationship directors employed by My-Pipeline each have 15-20 years of business experience; are capable of conveying a professional first impression of their client’s brand; can comfortably dialog with c-level executives from any size account and have been trained to follow a regimented sales process.


One Response

  1. I am familiar with My-Pipeline as both of our companies are located in the Minneapolis area.

    From what I have seen of My-Pipeline’s services and their ability to penetrate the C-Level of major corporations I am truly impressed. Their polished professionals have the skill, experience and personality to initiate relationships with key decision makers. They represent their clients in the most professional manner.

    I was also impressed with My-Pipeline’s ability to monitor and measure tangible results of their people and report those metrics to their clients.

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