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Illumio: A Cool Sales 2.0 Application

Last week I downloaded illumio (beta).  (Disclosure: My friend, Rick Hartung—he’d always say to his new salesreps: “You can take vacation anytime you’d like as long as it’s not during the first three months of any quarter.”—works for the company.)

I’ve got a major challenge trying to keep up with the latest in sales performance improvement, sales-enablement technology, learning and training, sales trainers, marketing trends, the economy, the presidential race, what’s going on in Ireland, etc., etc., and that’s just the business-related content.

I found Bloglines a few months back and have been using that to aggregate my favorite RSS feeds.  It did that job for me, but I found it limited.  Google alerts helped a bit, but it still took way too much of my time gathering intelligence.

illumio - click for full size

my illumio front page - click for full size

Enter Illumio.  Illumio creates a virtual content management system within a company by privately indexing each user’s email, contacts, documents, web favorites and web history. With this information, the plug-in (highly secure, downloadable to your PC) creates a comprehensive profile of the user, eliminating the need for a user to manually create and maintain an expertise profile (an important Sales 2.0 function).

illumio enables individuals to connect with the right people within their companies (and outside as well, which is how I’m using it) via an innovative question and answer exchange system. Using illumio, individuals send out questions and illumio routes them to people with the most knowledge on the topic. How illumio finds the right people to respond to a question depends on the type of questions asked.  This is another critical Sales 2.0 capability.

illumio’s “Attention Management” capability is important to me.  Feed aggregators (Feed Demon, bloglines, etc.) simply funnel a large number of feeds into one place.   illumio, however, “automatically” and privately learns about the user, but additionally the user has the ability to teach illumio more about specific preferences, likes, dislikes—tuning what illumio delivers to them.  Everything is private and controlled by the user.  Nothing is “public” unless a user chooses to share—an answer, a file, a contact—and the response to a question can be available only to the requestor or, if the recipient chooses, can be shared with other members of the group to which they belong. Essentially illumio allows a user to set up what critical information they need to come to them, so the feeds are filtered and personalized and then funneled into a form like a personal newspaper (see the screen shot — click on the graphic for a full-size view).

Anyway, the beta release of the latest version is available for download—personal use is complimentary.  Give it a try.


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