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Is Now The Time To Invest In Sales Effectiveness?

For the moment, we’re busy at ESR.   During the past few weeks, even during this economic high-speed wobble, a number of companies became actively involved in exploring with us how they can improve the effectiveness of their salespeople.  Another good sign:  we’ve been selling more reports, especially our 2008 Sales Training Vendor Guide and our Understanding, Defining and Meeting Your Sales Training Requirements.  How long will this last?  I wish I knew. 

One client’s senior executive said to me, “We have to make sure we get a bigger piece of a smaller pie.” 

York Baur of The TAS Group told me on the phone today that he expects some of his company’s clients will figure, “Hey, my P&L is blown away anyway.  Wemight as well take the time now to invest in sales productivity.”

Another of our clients is on a quest to refine their selling and client relationship processes with an emphasis on competing more effectively.  They are going to be impacted by the inevitable mergers and acquisitions that will take place and want to be competitively advantaged when they have to either displace an incumbent or protect their own account.

Smart moves by smart executives.


2 Responses

  1. Dave,

    One of the common threads I am picking up on from Sr. Sales Executives is that Sales Effectiveness is critical, especially as they reduce the size of the sales organization. The reality is that once again they are being asked to “do more with less”. And, as we all know, to achieve this you must change capability.

    These factors all lead to the savvy leaders deciding that now is the time to make th investment and tool the sales organization with the skills necessary to produce.


  2. An economic downturn is a perfect time for re-skilling; Business schools have known this for years http://tinyurl.com/3o5ken . It’s also a great time to look for effectiveness gains in process and technologies – you will have to learn to do more with less.

    Sales tools from the new breed of SaaS vendors may be just the ticket for sharpening your team’s focus – SaaS applications tend to be targeted, easy to learn, and inexpensive to test drive and deploy. For example, The Pipeline Management Suite from Cloud9 Analytics http://tinyurl.com/64s5as plugs into your CRM system and monitors change across your entire pipeline, so your team can spot issues and opportunities in time to actually do something about it. Hopefully, ‘what’s changed’ at some point is that the economic meltdown is behind us.

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