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The Brooks Group: Getting A (Second) Life.

The Brooks Group surprised ESR when we commenced coverage of them for our last Sales Training Vendor Guide.  They scored very well in both solution breadth and solution effectiveness, even against many of the bigger, more well-known training companies.

Al Case, Vivian and I did an analyst briefing call with the Brooks Group management team earlier this week.  For all the details, you’ll have to wait for ESR’s upcoming Guide.

I will share with you that Brooks is determined to continue being rated in the top tier.  Their advancements in prospect nurturing, measurement, post-program reinforcement (especially coaching), distance learning and technology-enabled learning (the image shows their soon-to-be-released Second Life training facility—click to enlarge) put them in the short-list category for certain companies with certain sales training requirements.

ESR believes that a Second Life training capability at this point is a nice-to-have for a small percentage of sales training buyers.  But as sales training moves further away from the three-day live classroom model, training teams continue to become more diverse, and travel budgets are cut, if not eliminated, Second Life and other such platforms will become the norm.  Although the Brooks Group isn’t the only training company to offer a Second Life implementation, they are absolutely doing the right thing moving in that direction.

Finally, this all may sound terrific to you, if you’re searching out a sales performance improvement provider. I can only warn you that selecting The Brooks Group or any other company based upon this or any other one-page write up is precisely the wrong thing to do.  If you are presently, or will be evaluating sales training companies, consider investing in ESR’s upcoming Sales Training Vendor Guide, where we really compare and contrast The Brooks Group against 25 other leading providers.

Disclosure: The Brooks Group subscribes to ESR’s research.


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  1. The Brooks Group is certainly very forward thinking in establishing this type of delivery as an option for their training services. We have knowledge of this trend being used in Europe for a few years now, and it just hasn’t seem to have caught on in the U.S. Maybe, this initiative is a good start.

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