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Customized Sales Training

From ESR’s Sales Training Vendor Guide — Third Edition:

“Most buyers of sales training want a customized sales training experience. The question is, what categories of modifications are positive for their organizations and which limit the impact from the learning experience?

Universally, sales training companies claim that they will customize course materials.  But the buyer needs to understand what forms that customization takes. Customizing case studies, workshops, and examples can often enhance the learning experience for the student.  However one must be very careful requesting significant content changes to a course developed over many years by a reputable vendor. The tendency when making these changes is to modify the course so that it closely resembles the company’s current sales process. This works only if the current sales process is known to be effective.  We have found that only in rare occasions is that the case.”


3 Responses

  1. Excellent post. I have found ESR’s Sales Training Vendor Guide to be an excellent resource over the years.

  2. Yes, great point.

    You can’t put lipstick on a pig!

    “But our sales process is working” they say. Then you go in and see that it’s not!

    It’s very important that companies optimize what they are doing before training takes place. Sometimes there needs to be some consulting work before a course is even put together because you should optimise your sales process and then train around that not train around a process that does not work!

    Now that’s called madness!

    Sean McPheat

  3. Well put Dave. Many times companies who are looking for training don’t know the answer to solve their sales situation. By leaning on the experts who have crafted their course for years makes the most sense.

    Thanks for the posts. Keep up the great work. God bless!

    Mark Bowser

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