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What I do is raise the awareness and understanding of an audience of sales people, managers, and senior executives about one specific thing:

What it takes to win. 

No tricks, no gimmicks, no silver bullets.  Just the truth—based upon two things: a career’s worth of experience and the latest research.


I’ve sold, managed sales people and consulted with sales teams and their leaders in 48 states and 23 countries. I’ve been in the trenches (and still am) and my audiences know it within the first two minutes after I’ve been introduced at a speech or seminar.

I often ask meeting planners and sales kickoff meeting owners, “How can I coach sellers on how to be credible unless I’m credible myself?” Speaker credibility is a critical success factor for any sales seminar, sales kickoff, or sales event.  My reputation speaks for itself.

This is a picture of what I bring to an event:

Content — I have both a practitioner’s and analyst’s perspective on B2B selling across a wide array of industries.  In 2002 (and again in 2004) my book How Winners Sell  was acclaimed as one of the best on the subject, in part due to the content and in part due to my experience in sales.  As for now, the research performed by my company provides me with a unique understand of sales effectiveness and what it takes to win—today.  I’m not a sales trainer—not anymore. 

Presence — I’m a former musician and I thrive on being in front of (actually, moving among) a group of people of any size. I employ humor, timing and flexibility to grab the audience’s attention and I don’t let them go. 

Relevance — I’m on top of what works in sales and sales management.  I work with sales leaders every day in helping them understand how to improve the performance of their sales teams. I take the time to adapt what I learn in the field to my live seminars, speeches, and webinars. Nothing is canned, pre-packaged or stale.  I discuss today’s issues and tomorrow’s solutions.  Please read a few of my regular columns in Sales and Marketing Management magazine or this blog.

By the way, my attendees have ranged from millennials, to “old pros” who have been selling for 30 years, to groups of sales vice presidents, to groups of CEOs.  Over the years I’ve also presented to mixed groups that include professional services consultants, engineers, trainers, project managers, marketing staff and senior executives.

Energy  — I never fail to get comments about my level of energy and enthusiasm—for my participants, their companies and for the profession of selling.  Actually, for me, it’s easy.  I love communicating with audiences about selling.  It gets me really fired up.

Flexibility Meeting planners enjoy working with me.  Since I’ve been a VP of Marketing and have run many sales events and sales meetings, I understand the challenges of that role. I’ll tell the meeting stakeholders, “It’s all about the participants getting value from the event.  It’s not the Dave Stein show.  The participants will leave educated, motivated and entertained, because I do what ever it takes to achieve that.”

Research I never deliver canned speeches, presentations, seminars or sales events—I wouldn’t consider it.  In advance of every event, I speak with (a minimum of) four or five attendees in addition to the meeting planner and the executives whose teams will be in attendance.  When I get in front of that room I know their business, their situation and what they need from me on that day and at that time. 

Interactivity I don’t lecture. I involve the participants from the start.  I challenge them, ask them to challenge me. I probe, push and banter—it’s all carefully designed to get everyone involved.

Experience I’ve been delivering speeches and seminars professionally for years. Trained by the best, I’ve delivered value to sales teams and their leaders of Fortune 100s down to small organizations of 50 people or less.

Value What do I deliver? Ask the people who have trusted me to work with their teams.  Give me a call and I’ll provide you companies, names and phone numbers.

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  1. Hello Mr. Stein

    Great article on “Sales Success through Self Branding”.

    I am working on a Sales service that I would love to get your opinion on when it arrives.

    Now following your Twits!



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