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Hope Is Not A Strategy, But It Can Make All The Difference

“Having hope,” writes Daniel Goleman in his  study of emotional intelligence, “means that one will not  give in to overwhelming anxiety, a defeatist attitude, or  depression in the face of difficult challenges or setbacks.”

Rick Page is right.  Hope isn’t a strategy.   Profound words.  Hope doesn’t replace the comprehensive and objective assessment of a selling situation, the planning, the execution, or the hard work.  But hope is a source of energy upon which you can, under significant adverse circumstances, jump out of bed and face the day, a tough deal, a busines challenge, or a personal obstacle.

Abraham Lincoln said that hope is “more than the sunny view that everything will turn out all right”; it is “believing you have the will and the way to  accomplish your goals.”

Ain’t nothin’ the matter with that kind of hope.

Quotes are excerpted from Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals: The Genius of Abraham Lincoln