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I’m Presenting At The Sales 2.0 Conference In Boston. Join Me.

boston_7000_feet3I’m delighted to be both presenting and participating in a panel discussion at the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston on May 21st.

Using recent research from ESR’s Sales Training Vendor Guide, I’ll talk specifically about technology-enabled learning—how technology is changing learning and why today, effective sales learning requires technology.

I’ve not been shy in voicing my concerns about the some of the hype and lofty expectations around Sales 2.0 and the distraction that it causes for some of our client companies struggling through the kinds of sales challenges that Sales 2.0 approaches and tools can’t immediately overcome.

At the same time substantive progress is being made on the technology front.  ESR has given credit to those companies who are making real contributions to sales effectiveness through technology-enabled learning and technology-enabled selling—companies like Kadient, Richardson, The TAS Group, SPI, Holden, White Springs, Primary Intelligence, The Brooks Group, Miller Heiman, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Jigsaw, Lucidera, and many more.

As a researcher and analyst, I’ll be in learning mode at the conference as well.  I’m looking forward to understanding more about the approaches and solutions of the companies presenting and sponsoring this event, and learning from those sales leaders who will be attending it.  Please introduce yourselves to me.

Hope to see you there.  If you can’t attend, I’ll keep you informed through Twitter.

Photo credit:  (c) 2008 Dave Stein — Boston from 7000 feet
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ESR’s Survey On Social Media Use in B2B Selling

With the assistance of The TAS Group, ESR recently surveyed nearly 400 users of the following technologies to determine the effects that these new technologies in helping them win B2B sales opportunities:

  • Jigsaw;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;
  • Plaxo;
  • Facebook;
  • Hoover’s or OneSource.

The pace of technology development today is dizzying. It seems as though a new sales-related technology appears daily. The question is, do these new technologies produce additional sales or just consume valuable selling time and distract sales leaders and their teams from focusing on what can really improve performance?

A few specifics from the survey:

  1. 35% of respondents say that LinkedIn has helped them win sometimes or often;
  2. 69% of respondents say they don’t use Twitter. Of those that douse the tool, 20% say it has not helped them win;
  3. 8% of respondents say that Facebook has helped them win sometimes or often.

Buy the 10-page ESR/Insight™ Brief, The New Social Media: Do They Enable B2B Selling? now.

Photo credit: © altiso – Fotolia.com

LinkedIn Or Plaxo? A Survey

Update (12/15/08): Too view the results of the survey, click “View Results” on survey tool.

I’ve been using LinkedIn a lot recently.  I’ve been recommending it to clients as well.

View Dave Stein's profile on LinkedInIn my blog post What’s In Your Salesreps’ LinkedIn Profiles? I suggested that salespeople should use LinkedIn, not as an online resume, but as a chronological accounting of the value they’ve delivered to their customers and markets.  That’s what I’ve done on my LinkedIn profile.  That personal branding should serve to differentiate them from their competition through articulation of their business value.

That salesrep would build a profile that was customer-value oriented instead.  They would list the companies (or profiles of companies if confidentiality were an issue) to which they had sold their products and services to in the past.  The rep’s profile would outline initiatives, projects, etc.  The reps would get recommendations from people in those accounts who would acclaim the rep’s honesty, business savvy, determination, and desire to see the customer succeed.  Once a rep had developed a LinkedIn profile like that, they would attach the “See My LinkedIn Profile” button to their email signature, inviting customers to click on it.

Well, right now (at least when I wrote this) LinkedIn is having some technical problems.  It’s been going on for well over a week.  I feel for them.  I really do.  But searches often don’t work.  And updating my profile has been a nightmare.

So, while I was waiting for LinkedIn to resolve their technical problems, I spent a bit of time on Plaxo.  I’ve been getting invited to connect by colleagues and friends for a while now.  I can’t see maintaining both.

I’m interested in your preference for business/social networking.  Please vote and then tell us which you prefer and why in a comment…