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To: Blog Lurkers / Subj: What Are You Thinking?

Is that you lurking on my blog?

Is that you lurking on my blog?

Robin Fray Carey from The Customer Collective and I have been exhanging emails. TCC is a fine example of a Web 2.0 community.  I’m pleased to be part of it. 

I had asked Robin a question about the demographics of the 3,000 or so users on her site.  It seemed to me that they were mostly sales trainers and consultants.  Robin said the trainers and consultants are the open “critics,” but there were plenty of sales and marketing execs who were “lurkers.” 

Lurkers!  Being fairly new to blogging, that term caught me off guard.  Lurker.  Now that I think about it, I’m certainly guilty of lurking on some blogs and social networking sites.

Those of you who visit this blog either regularly or rarely, please take a minute and leave a comment to a post now and then.  The blog stats show this blog has been steadily increasing in traffic since I started it last April, so I know you’re out there. 

I’ll be equally as delighted whether you support or reject my position on the subjects I write about.  I’m just interested in what you’re thinking.  And I know other visitors to this blog would be, as well.