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Featured Podcast:

Brian Lambert, Director of Sales Training Drivers, ASTD

Brian and I discuss the science of selling, the evolution of sales training, world-class sales organizations, buyer/seller relationships, sales process, technology, competencies, complex technology deals, measurement, turnover among sales reps and the question of whether sales people are born versus made.


David DiStefano, CEO, Richardson

Dave Stein and David DiStefano discuss, among other things, Sales 2.0, differentiation, LinkedIn and preparation.

Mike Rohan and Bob James, Executive Conversation

Dave Stein, Mike Rohan and Bob James of Executive Conversation discuss, among other things, gaining and maintaining access to the executive suite.  Worth its weight in gold is Bob’s description of how he, a former C-level executive, looks at sales people, ROIs and business acumen.

Tom Roth, President, and Ed Emde, SVP, Wilson Learning

Dave Stein, Tom and Ed discuss, among other things, stand-alone sales training events, human performance improvement solutions, and the criticality of sales performance measurement.

Brian Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

Dave Stein and Brian Carroll discuss sales and marketing alignment, the sales funnel, the marketing funnel, a case study about recuperating leads, nuturing and teleprospecting.

Randall Murphy, President and Founder of Acclivus R3 Solutions

Dave Stein and Randall Murphy discuss sales leadership, alignment among teams in selling organizations and the results of Acclivus’s most recent research.

Greg Alexander, CEO,  Sales Benchmark Index

Dave Stein and Greg Alexander discuss benchmarking, hiring, lead generation, Sales 2.0, the future of sales and sales leader skills.

Jill Konrath, Author of Selling to Big Companies

Dave Stein and Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies, discuss the front end of the sales cycle–what is required to gain access to decision makers, trigger events, sales enablement tools, and analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group

Dave Stein and Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group, discuss sales process, challenges for first-line sales managers, Sales 2.0 and other areas of technology support for sales effectiveness.

Ken Allred, CEO of Primary Intelligence

Dave Stein and Ken Allred, Founder and CEO of Primary Intelligence, discuss competitive intelligence, win/loss analyses, and how companies can be more competitive.

Julie Thomas, CEO of ValueSelling Associates

Dave Stein and Julie Thomas, CEO ValueSelling Associates, discuss the challenges of helping sales people become more effective.

Dave Stein/Brian Dietmeyer Podcast

Dave Stein and Brian Dietmeyer, CEO of Think! Inc., discuss a new definition of negotiation.

Dave Stein/Cam Marston Podcast

Dave Stein and Cam Marston discuss how sales people can be more effective understanding and selling to people of different generations.

Dave Stein/Steve Andersen Podcast

Dave Stein and Steve Andersen discuss customer value, first line sales managers, coaching, what sales executives should do when they find themselves in trouble and more.

Dave Stein/Bob Schmonsees Podcast

Dave Stein and Bob Schmonsees discuss sales training, coaching, sales process, demand generation, consultative selling, value propositions, sales execution and more.

Dave Stein/Mahan Khalsa Podcast

Dave Stein and Mahan Khalsa discuss sales training, coaching, sales process, demand generation, consultative selling, value propositions, sales execution and more.

Dave Stein/LaVon Koerner Podcast

Dave Stein and LaVon Koerner discuss issues relating to sales training, coaching, sales process, sales talent assessment, gain sharing, demand creation and more.

Dave Stein/Gary Zimmerman Podcast

Dave Stein and Gary Zimmerman discuss issues relating to sales training, sales process, sales talent assessment and more.

Dave Stein/Linda Richardson Podcast

Dave Stein and Linda Richardson discuss issues critical to sales leaders, including challenges they face, strategic negotiation, coaching, e-learning and remediation for sales managers.

Dave Stein/Rick Page Podcast

Dave Stein and Rick Page discuss issues critical to sales leaders.

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