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The Frugal Millionaires

Two weeks ago, I mentioned in my post that my friend Jeff Lehman had published a new book. He wrote The Sales Manager’s Mentor.

His new book is The Frugal Millionaires.  It’s now available.  And, how very, very timely.

Jeff networked with 70 “everyday” millionaires and helped them anonymously share their tips (more than 800 of them in all) on how to be smarter with money.  Jeff believes it’s not just a book for millionaires it’s a book for everyone who cares about their money.  I agree.

Reading the book is like having dozens of millionaires sitting in your living room and being able to casually ask them: “How should I think about mortgages, or credit cards, or car buying, or even…donating to charity, or setting up a pre-nup, or getting married?”

The great part is that some of the profits from the book will be donated to charities that were selected by the frugal millionaire contributors, so the book is also a big “give back.”  Nice touch, Jeff.

I really like this book.  I learned a lot first time through.  I’ll read this one again and again…

Jeff’s got a website set up and they are selling the book on Amazon. The website is: TheFrugalMillionaires.com. There is also a test you can take to see if you think like a frugal millionaire. That website is: TheFrugalTest.com. Have fun with it.


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